End to End Solutions for Agri Sector

Smart Irrigation
Smart Farming
Cold Supplychain
Greenhouse Automation

Smart Irrigation Solution is a proven sophisticated system that uses LORAWAN framework, Advanced IoT, AI and ML technologies. The system provides predictive insights to farmers on the required optimal watering for their crops based on seasons, soil type and crop growth phase.

Cutting edge fertilizer application technology designed to work on the principles of “Right input at the right place at the right time” providing balanced nutrition and eliminating guess-based application by farmers.

IoT enhances the cold chain by enabling real-time logistic management of every link in the chain. It does this by using sensor-based technology, which allows sophisticated real-time data tracking. Instead of manually collecting data by examining data gauges, connected sensors continuously monitor every link’s environmental conditions in the cold chain.

IoT enabled Greenhouse automation is the technical approach through which the sensitive crops are enabled to perform well under regularly monitored and controlled conditions. Through this approach, farmers get benefited by automatic monitoring and optimal control of the greenhouse environment with minimal human intervention.